Yoga in Oslo in English

Yoga in Oslo in English

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Looking for Yoga in Oslo in English?

Then you are very welcome to Northern Light Yoga! We offer Yoga in Oslo in English at different times and places, find a time and place that suits you!


At Northern Light Yoga you can join our courses at anytime and you need no prior knowledge in Yoga or other forms of yoga. We provide authentic yoga in Oslo in English for all levels. Every class is different with a new and exciting theme!


Yoga is a transformative, effective and holistic form of yoga - designed to meet the challenges of our times!


In addiction to physical exercise you will experience increased mental and emotional health, as well as develop a deeper connection with your authentic Self. Yoga is the source of "Medical Yoga" and offers a variety of powerful therapeutical methods.


At Northern Light Yoga's offer with yoga in Oslo in English, much of the focus is on strengthening the nervous, hormonal and immune systems, as well as becoming aware of yourself and your body! Awaken your consciousness and activate the flow of Prana, your primal life force and inner power! Yoga can help you to unfold your potential and break through mental and self-limited blockages through meditation and yoga exercises for body, mind and spirit!


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