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BARSEL PILATES (passer alle nivåer)

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Please join me for a tailor made mom with babies Pilates to bring your body back in shape!
It will hardly be a surprise that women’s bodies go through huge changes during pregnancy and that some problems can arise postnatal.
These can escalate when a women has two pregnancies relatively close together.
Posture also changes, pulling the pelvis forward and arching of the lower back.
Abdominal muscles stretch massively and do not snap back into place immediately.
It requires careful progressions through a well-designed exercise programmer to bring the side muscles back together.
Many of these problems can be resolved within weeks of giving birth.
Pilates can help with all these problems and is also a relaxing way to get back into exercise postnatal.
The focus is on the deep abdominal muscles, ‘corset’ muscles, which helps to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, all while your baby relaxes next to you while you work out.

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