Aquarian Sadhana Oslo

Aquarian Sadhana Oslo

Velkommen til Aquarian Sadhana; vår morgen praksis i Kundalini Yoga - hver onsdag og søndag på Northern Light Yoga!

Information in english below: 

Sadhana is donation based and open for beginners to Kundalini Yoga and souls from all paths of life.

Aquarian Sadhana is the regular morning practice in Kundalini Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan. It is a wonderful and loving way to start your day and get into a deep personal and spiritual development were you start living your life in closer connection with your soul, your heart and your intuition! For more information about Kundalini Yoga click here (in norwegian).

The Aquarian Sadhana is mostly done in community with other people and is a beautiful way to get in touch with others in an authentic and inclusive way.

TIME: every sunday and wednesday from 06:00 – 08:30 in the morning

PRICE: donation based

1. Sunday in the month: AnandRaj/Salila Gyanjot
2. Sunday in the month: Kjell Gaute
3. Sunday in the month: Rupinder / Harveen
4. Sunday in the month: Sofia Montes / Cristina Lokøen
5. Sunday in the month: Kristin Bochud / Kristine Karåla

The Aquarian Sadhana is the morning discipline of Kundalini Yoga, given by Yogi Bhajan, and is practiced during "The Ambrosial Hours", the time before the sun rises. It is usually done between 3 and 7 am. This is the time when the level of prana (life energy) is extra high before everything awakens to life in the morning and we get the most out of our yoga practice. Sadhana means "spiritual discipline". It is a conscious act where you create a regular space to go inward and make contact with the essence and consciousness of your soul.


- Wake up and take a cold shower
- Recite Japji - the song of the soul (approx. 20 min.) - Kundalini Yoga Kriya (40-50 min.)
- Relaxation
- Long Ek Ong Kar - (chakra meditation with sound)
- Singing of Mantra's (approx. 60 min.)
- End

- Awakens you soul and intuition
- Changes unwanted and unconscious taught and reaction patterns
- Cleanses the subconscious mind
- Brings more consciousness and awareness into your daily life
- Enhances personal and spiritual development
- Heals traumas in mind and body
- Makes you happy and in flow with life!

When we do Sadhana, we work on our subconscious mind in a wakeful state. It's a great opportunity to change old patterns in ourselves that we want to get rid of and that we experience have been stored in our body and mind. With a regular Sadhana practice many experience a stronger connection with them selves and gain an increased awareness and presence that they bring into the rest of their day. This morning discipline can help you change unwanted and unconscious reaction patterns by replacing them with new and more rewarding habits. During sadhana, we create a highly meditative and healing space that supports each person's personal process and spiritual development. You experience getting in a deep state of silence, presence and in close contact with yourself and life and you bring the effect and mood throughout your day!